March 7, 2009

Fantasy Football Pre-Draft Preparation

by James Hudson

Are you frustrated with a lack of fantasy football league championships? Sick of seeing the guy who barely checks his roster luck his way in to sleepers and studs galore? Some people say they would take luck over skill but I'd take a good plan any day. If you want to bring home a fantasy football championship here are four quick tips.

First, how well do you know your positional values? What do I mean? I mean the number of quality players available at each position. If your league requires more receivers or running backs, or plays with a two quarterback systems then shortages will pop up and you need to draft these players earlier than you normally would. By understanding position by position supply and demand you'll get a big advantage over your league mates and score extra points that will make a big difference.

Second, don't draft a player just because they score the most points overall. Quarterbacks almost always score the most points, but that doesn't make them the most valuable. If there are eight quarterbacks that all score in the top 15 but only four running backs, then running backs are more valuable because the supply isn't there like it is at the quarterback spot. Typically running backs, then receivers, then quarterbacks are most valuable, in that order.

Third don't forget to take a look at your league's scoring system. Are you in a point per receptions league? Receivers are much more valuable then. Do quarterback touchdowns count more or less than normal? Bump them a little higher as well. To win a fantasy football league you need to take ever advantage you have and taking advantage of scoring is key to fantasy league domination.

Lastly, pay attention to rosters, injuries and opportunities. Did you notice that a receiver will get some extra playing time due to an injury? Do you see a running back in a training camp battle outshining everyone else? Make note and steal them in your draft. Opportunity breeds stats, and even the best player isn't worth much if the playing time just isn't there. Pay close attention to opportunities in training camp and get the scoop on late round sleepers.

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