December 22, 2008

Nfl Parlay Wagering - You Can Get Paid Big in Week One of the Nfl Season

It's a thrilling time of the year. It's days before the NFL season kicks off and you're ready to start placing those NFL parlay bets. But, it's week one of the NFL season and you're a little nervous. Is there anything you can do to ensure a winning Sunday? Yes, I believe so.

When the first week of the NFL season finally arrives, I'm very thankful. And to celebrate, I pay a visit to my favorite sportsbook to make some football wagers. I'm a successful sports bettor, so straight bets are my bread and butter, but each week I make at least one NFL parlay bet.

Being a big winner on opening week is a little tough. The lines are out of whack and if you haven't been thinking of and dreaming of football, you might not know where to place your cash. However, if you are in-tune with the NFL, winning in week 1 gets a whole lot easier.

NFL lines in week 1 are very beatable. There's always at least a few gifts in there. The sportsbooks make the lines based on public perception and we all know that Joe Public isn't a rocket scientist, especially in week 1. The public keeps track of preseason game scores and then forms completely wrong opinions. They didn't see what actually happened in the game. Did they know that the starters played one series and scored even though the team lost by 21?

NFL parlay betting isn't that hard when you know some basics. The first week of the season is an exciting time and you can start the winning right away.

Thanks to Barry Goldstein for contributing this article to our Football blog:

Okay, here's what you do to win more NFL football bets this season.

You sit back and watch this free NFL betting video that I've linked to below. It's from and it's good.

CLICK: —> NFL Betting Video

I'll be cashing out lots of winning football bets this season. How about you?

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