January 28, 2009

Ncaa College Football Parlay Wagering - Winning Consistently


For fun, I bet college football parlay cards. Every week of the NCAA football season, I bet at least one football parlay card in Vegas.

Regardless of where you bet on football, most sportsbooks pay about the same. Of the three main types of college parlays (ties win, teasers and 1/2 point cards), I bet the ties win parlay almost always.

Below, you'll find the typical pay for winning a NCAA football parlay at any sportsbook.

NCAA College Football Parlay Wagering Payouts (Common - Ties Win):

2 Team College Parlay - 13/5  

3 Team College Parlay - 6/1  

4 Team College Parlay - 10/1  

5 Team College Parlay - 20/1  

6 Team College Parlay - 40/1  

7 Team College Parlay - 75/1  

8 Team College Parlay - 100/1  

9 Team College Parlay - 150/1  

10 Team College Parlay - 300/1  

11 Team College Parlay - 450/1 

12 Team College Parlay - 600/1  

13 Team College Parlay - 750/1  

14 Team College Parlay - 900/1  

15 Team College Parlay - 1500/1 

The more college football bets added to the card, the bigger the payout. It's extremely hard to hit a 10-team parlay card. Still, I have scored on some large football parlay bets. 

Normally, I don't bet anything over a 5-team parlay. But there are exceptions. I don't ever bet 2-team parlay bets though.

There is an art to winning college football parlay bets consistently. It's not magic really. There's a video you should watch. I linked to it below. Most sports bettors who bet on parlay cards lose, because they make 1-2 key mistakes.

This college football season, I'll be winning lots of football bets. What about you?

Here's to a ton of winning football bets this season.



Thanks to Barry Goldstein for contributing this article to our Football blog:

Listen to me. Don't you dare make one more college bet before watching this free football betting video:

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I'd watch it right now. You'll love it.

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