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HQ Football is a portal that was built specifically to help people find your products and services by matching them up with your selected 'Football' keywords.

Why is advertising on HQ-Football.com so effective?

You receive double targeted "organic" traffic! Almost all of our traffic comes from search engines or from PPC campaigns like Adwords.

Why double-targeted? Let's trace your prospective customer's steps to understand how this works:

  • Your prospective customer needs to solve a problem related to a specific 'Football' topic.
  • They go to the search engines and type in search keywords related to their interests.
  • Because we consistently rank well for Football-related keywords in the search engines (and because we purchase traffic for those keywords) the search engines send Football prospects to a page on our website matching their search. This has just pre-qualified them as someone interested in your products and services.
  • The customer sees your ad on our keyword page and clicks to your website. This pre-qualifies them a second time.
  • Your potential customer has now been double-qualified and has a higher likelihood of purchasing your products or services! This is double targeting, commonly called "organic traffic".

Potential customers arrive at your website pre-qualified and ready to make a purchase. For this reason, our advertisers consistently tell us our traffic conversion rates are significantly higher than other keyword advertising programs.

What exactly will I receive?

You receive a prominent listing on every page that matches the Football-related keywords you select below. You also receive password access to a control panel where you can track your ad campaign. You pay only for the actual traffic you receive. NO set-up fee! And, at our introductory price of $75 for 500 visitors who click your ad and visit your website, you won't find a better value anywhere! Certainly, for the quality traffic you receive, it is nowhere near what you would pay at the inflated PPC search engines.

Best of all, because of the tightly targeted organic traffic we send to you, you will have 500 potential customers actually looking to make a purchase from you. That's the BIG difference between the traffic you receive from us and traffic from other sites!

Will my link be direct to my site or will you use a tracking link?

Yes and yes. You will actually receive two links on each selected keyword page one featured at the top with a tracking link, and one toward the bottom with a direct link. You get the best of both worlds. You can track your results in real time, plus you receive the benefit of targeted links the search engines will love!

So, how do I get started?

It's easy and super fast to get started...

  1. Select your five different keywords and submit the simple form below.
  2. You will be directed to a page with a Paypal payment button. Click that button, and make payment. (If you need another form of payment, let us know.)
  3. Once your ad has been approved, you will receive an email from us detailing how to track your ad campaign.

You could be receiving targeted customers to your website within hours!

Let's get started...

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